Our Promise
We Promise To Provide Cutting Edge Technology at a Fair Price with World Class Service On Any Item We Sell. We Will Always Speak in Terms Our Customers Can Understand.
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" With My CLR Desktop I never wait for processing time.
CLR ALWAYS gives me a better end result with less work for me. "
~Larry N Saint Anne

"CLR has great support service, and will come out right away to keep our business working."
~ John Rietveld

"Highly Recommended. We have been using CLR for years. I had a hard drive crash and they were able to retrieve my data. Prompt service and very knowledgeable!!!"
~ Jeff Caspary

"Rod was awesome!!!! Fixed my child’s iPad screen. Both of us are super grateful"
~Trisha Gaytan

"Rod and company are absolutely great at what they do. Trust them to get it right every time."
Larry Null

"I was blessed to find this company when I was in from the west coast for a family death. Upon arrival my laptop wouldn't start up; I called CRL and most fortunately got Ivan. I explained my situation and he said to bring it right in and he'd squeeze me in. Within 24 hours Ivan called me to pick up my (working) machine. He even took the time to change a problematic setting I had and explain to me why he recommended that. What outstanding service in this day and age! When your computer requires attention forget the national chains - call CLR Computer Technologies."
~Don Fletcher

"CLR's service and support is excellent. They always get here as soon as they can, and will make sure the problem is fixed before they leave."
~John R.


All new current systems at your fingertips


CLR - Connecting People with Technologies

Custom Computer

  • Want a computer that puts speed at your fingertips?

  • Do you like saving 25% on name brand components?

  • That could be $200-$400 for a system tha SIZZLES with speed

  • Imagine a computer that waits on you not you waiting on your computer

  • We make SUPER systems that will make you smile. Call today to get your.


  • Do you want a computer network solution that keeps people working instead of waiting? 

  • Would you want to save 30% in the process? 

  • This could be $300 to $3000 in savings and more 

  • Think about doubling productivity plus happier people

  • Call today to start saving time and money  

Wireless Communication Links

  • Hate the thought of running wires or high costs of remote connections

  • Save up to 75% over the costs of running wire or outside vendor connections.

  • This can easily save you $1000, $2000, and more on installation, plus NO MONTHLY FEES

  • Think about all the time that you'll save when everyone is "Connected"

  • From 10 Feet to 10 miles we have you covered, Call Us Today

Video Surveillance

  • Want a video surveillance system with the clarity and sharpness of watching TV?

  • Would you like to save 30%-50% on installation and get years worth of protection?

  • This can be $100-$200 per camera, and have a system the police can use if needed

  • Protecting your family, your employees and your business is always top of the list.

  • Don't wait until you have an incident or injury. CALL US NOW